Friday, April 10, 2015

Fordham's Campus MovieFest!

With Spring Weekend only a few weeks away, students on campus are buzzing with excitement about who will perform on Martyr's lawn and what the "Under the Tent" theme will be. Other students have been preparing for spring weekend this week by brain storming script ideas, running around campus with cameras, and staying up late editing.

These students are (most likely) participants in this year’s Campus MovieFest. While not technically on the weekend (the event occurs the Wednesday night before Spring Weekend) Campus MovieFest is an annual event students anticipate and plan for all year. Though their excitement and planning may start months in advance, the real grunt work is limited to just one week. 

The film The Translator from last year's festival

Campus MovieFest challenges students to make a movie, with a run time of 5 minutes or less, in just one week. Films include a variety of genres from Comedy to Drama. Last year included a few high action Matrix-style thrillers as well as silent films. Students tap into all of their creative outlets sometimes composing their own scores or special effects.

Hans Lueders's crew produced a sci-fi thriller for last year's CMF
The competition attracts 500,000 global college student participants. The Campus MovieFest complies a judge panel comprised of students, faculty and partners unique to each school. The winners are not disclosed until they appear on the screen at the event itself. 16 films premiere and the top 4 films are sent to Hollywood for CMF national competition.

The crowd favorite duo known as "The Part Time Hooligans"
Come out to Fordham’s Campus MovieFest at 7pm on Wednesday, April 22 in Keating first floor auditorium!

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