Friday, September 25, 2015

Hidden Gem Cafes Around NYC

College and coffee go hand in hand.  Between classes, extracurriculars and city excursions, an espresso boost (or three) per day is essential.  Now if you’re a rare breed who can energetically thrive sans caffeine then more power to you; but for the rest of us the caffeine craze is a vital component to our sanity. Starbucks is my holy grail happy place when it comes to my daily dose of caffeine and becoming a gold card holder may or may not be a personal life goal.  However, even this Starbucks fanatic recognizes that there are numerous coffee shops and cafes around the city that will not only enrich your palette but your cultural experiences here in New York City. Here are a few hidden gems to discover.


Located between West 51st and 52nd street Kahve is a trendy and compact establishment with both an international flair and Hell’s Kitchen based appreciation. Named after the Turkish word for coffee, Kahve’s coffee beans are originated from Turkey and Cuba in addition to a “rotating array of other drinks and recipes.” My personal favorites are their Almond Chai and, off the newly reinstated “Fall In Love” menu, the Salted Caramel Mocha latte.  Kahve’s coffee lounge vision of a ‘trendy, yet welcoming atmosphere’ is accomplished with their pressed tin ceiling and exposed brick walls that feature the work of local artists around NYC.  Did I mention that they have sweet treats that perfectly compliment the drinks? What’s the turkish word for obsessed?   

Bibble & Sip

“Bibble means to eat indulgently; sip implies cultured enjoyment.”  If you love cappuccino art, specifically alpacas, jasmine, and salivating treats, you will thoroughly enjoy Bibble & Sip. The cafe’s signature drink is their jasmine matcha latte for those looking for a go to,staple. As for which bibble to nibble on, the possibilities are endless! Some options include orange cranberry scones with an earl grey glaze, almond chocolate hazelnut croissants with salted caramel drizzle or chocolate chip cookies with a twist (brownie chunks).  Whether you want a calming jasmine scented drink and a sweet treat pick me up after a long day of class, a cute outing with friends or are in the mood for some alpaca appreciation Bibble & Sip can become your new go to.

Ralph’s Coffee

This is the perfect spot for fashionistas and coffee lovers alike. Ralph Lauren’s Fifth Ave. Flagship store is home to its very own coffee shop! Located on the second floor, you’ll enter a very Instagram worthy space. Seriously, if you want to feel like a New York City ‘it girl’ blogger post a photo of your coffee mug with #ralphs and mission accomplished.  Speaking of, their cappuccinos are delicious and their brownies are the perfect compliment.  You could sit and overlook fifth avenue in one of the cafe booths or be surrounded by fashion coffee table books and Lauren’s latest collection at the family style dining table adjacent to the cafe itself.  

Rex Coffee

Rex Hell’s Kitchen is a few blocks away from Fordham Lincoln Center on 57th and 10 avenue and it’s great for coffee and an actual lunch.  Grab a chef created sandwich along with your coffee and a baked-in-house pastry afterwards because, why not? Rex gets back to basics with their drink options so for those looking for a just-right latte or mocha, Rex is a good bet.  It’s also good to note that for the lactose intolerant, the coffee shop offers almond and cashew milk options.  And if you’re looking to venture out of midtown, Rex now has Chelsea location.

Whether you need a caffeine kick to wake you up for class, are looking for a quaint place to study, or just want to be able to say that yes, you have actually had coffee that is not Starbucks or even Dunkin' Donuts you now have some options.  For more way to become a cafe connoisseur, there’s even a map specifically featuring coffee shops near subway stops.  Sip, sip hooray!

*All photos are from outside sources.* 

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