Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Update

This NJ Transit map shows you how to get anywhere
Caroline Dunn
I spent the weekend at home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. While the Bronx and my hometown are only a 2 hour drive, without a car traveling from NY to PA can take much longer than expected. My other students and commuters from Philadelphia believe their only affordable option is a Mega or Bolt Bus which can cost as little as $6, but can take up to 5 hours (not to mention the extra trains from the Bronx and/or to the suburbs). An Amtrack train can take you into center city in about 90 minutes, but can cost almost $100. The hack from getting for NY to PA is not to go to PA at all! The New Jersey transit, which costs $15.50 can take you directly to Trenton Transit Center in anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Then from NJ, SEPTA transportation lines offer routes to Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. If you're lucky, maybe you can even manage for a parent to make the drive to Trenton!

The wonderful cast of Rent
Vanessa Agovida
This past weekend I performed as Joanne in the Mimes and Mummers' production of RENT. After a whirlwind rehearsal period of just five weeks, we finally got to present a show that had become very special to all of us in deeply personal ways. RENT is about love and survival, but most of all, it's about community--and our cast really became a family during this process. There's nothing like singing "Seasons of Love" with people you love. This was my fourth show with the Mimes, and maybe the most talented cast I've worked with at Fordham. Yesterday at the traditional Sunday cast dinner, I realized how grateful I am for the theatre community at Rose Hill and for the opportunity to work with fantastic professionals, like our director Brendan Stackhouse and music director Sean Forte.

One of many incredible speakers
Matt Calhoun
This weekend, along with my floormates in the Integrated Learning Community for Global Business (ILC-GB) in O'Hare Hall, I attended the European Conference at Harvard University. We left straight from campus on a special Ram Van and headed up to Boston where we stayed the night at the Revere Hotel, and attended the conference at the Kennedy School where we networked and shared ideas with members of the European Parliament (governing body of the EU) and professors from Harvard's Kennedy School.

Stranded in Pittsburgh in action
Brendan Burke
On Saturday night, I went to an improv comedy show put on by Fordham Experimental Theatre in the black box theatre in Collins Hall.  FET is entirely student run, and their improv troupe, Stranded in Pittsburgh, had a great show. The organization has different kinds of performances nearly every weekend, including improv comedy, standup comedy, spoken word performances, and plays and musicals that are written, directed, and produced by students. Plus, all FET events are free!

Juliette Arcodia
Cute little brunch spot
This weekend a few friends and I went to the Upper East Side for Saturday morning brunch. We took the 4 train right on Fordham road to 86th street and it was just a short walk to the restaurant. We went to Penrose, a great spot for brunch or dinner. The atmosphere was casual yet classy and the food did not disappoint. Afterwords we went thrift shopping before taking the train back to Fordham. It was a great Saturday out in the city!

Rent's amazing set
Amy Caffrey
This weekend, I got to see two different shows on campus. On Friday night, I went to the Blackbox Theater to see Fordham's Improv Comedy troupe, Stranded in Pittsburgh, perform.  The group is absolutely hilarious - my friends and I were in stitches for the entire show! Then, on Saturday night, I got to see Rent, which was performed by the Mimes and Mummers, Fordham's largest theater group. It was fantastic!

Delicious dinner

Victoria Cappucci
This weekend I took the Ram Van into the city and explored the Upper East Side with my roommates. We stumbled upon an organic Shake Shack-meets Five Guys burger restaurant that was sure to satisfy any appetite! Since it was all clear skies in Manhattan, we decided to take an early evening stroll through Central Park.

Our show flyer

Cat Gallagher
This past weekend I started tech week for Theatrical Outreach Program's (TOP's) production of The Laramie Project. This club does edited versions of full length shows and performs them for members of the community. For this show, we will be performing for LGBT youth. This is an incredibly talented group of students that I am so lucky to be a part of, and I can't wait to see how the show turns out next weekend!

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