Wednesday, March 4, 2015

International Business Association Hosts Lacoste CEO

Fordham's International Business Association (IBA) is a club that organizes activities and events with a multicultural bent for students who may be interested in working abroad.  Participation in the club is also an extracurricular requirement for students pursuing a secondary concentration in the Gabelli School of Business.  One of IBA's primary activities is organizing presentations from global business professionals, and yesterday, they hosted Francis Pierrel, CEO of Lacoste North America.

Mr. Francis Pierrel
Mr. Pierrel earned his undergraduate degree in his native France and completed his MBA in the UK.  Before Lacoste, he worked for Diesel in the United States.  He spoke about the difficulties and benefits of studying and working in different countries throughout one's career.  Mr. Pierrel stressed the importance of networking and maintaining personal relationships for students who are interested in working internationally.

The timeless tradition of the polo shirt is one of the main facets of Lacoste's brand, but they must constantly adapt to stay relevant in the dynamic retail market.

In addition to general advice about building a career in the global business environment, the guest also spoke specifically about his company.  Mr. Pierrel explained, for example, the challenging strategic implications of trying to grow a business in a foreign market (Lacoste is based in France).  He fielded several questions regarding the future of retail stores given the rise of e-commerce and the role that data will play in the future of retail.  Events like this presentation, though frequently sponsored through the Gabelli school, are open to all students.

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  1. Wow!! I really appreciate work of such IBA. The best part of such association is that they organize special events and activities for fun. I really got great ideas for my upcoming corporate events from this blog. Will add few activities in my event too.