Friday, October 23, 2015

Flashback Friday - Orientation Week

The week leading up to the first day of fall 2015 classes, I was running on sugar, smiles, and very little sleep. While that may sound concerning and probably unhealthy, it was one of the best weeks of my college career thus far. 

Vanessa was my orientation partner in crime that week,
we've been great friends ever since!.
Being selected as an orientation leader was what prompted this whirlwind of a week, so when the third week of August rolled around, I packed my bags and flew cross country for 3 days of training, 1 day to breathe, and 3 more days of welcoming the newest freshman class.

Between the team building activities and countless ice breakers we played during training, I realized why and how much I truly loved this school. 

Everyone in the 12th floor lounge was so driven and so passionate about Fordham that they, too, forwent sleep for a week. We all let our enthusiasm about this school be our collective source of energy that kept us going even on the last day. 

I beamed as I helped nervous parents unload they cars on move-in day. I frolicked as the club fair took place on the plaza, and I tried to espouse the same enthusiasm I had in the freshmen. I giggled as my orientation group cringed while playing ice breakers. 

Our orientation group was incredible and got along so well - can't you tell!!
I got to know so many wonderful people that week – other orientation leaders and captains, faculty, new freshmen – but I mostly got to know more about myself. I learned that I love helping people find what they're passionate and enthusiastic about. I learned that if I have an idea and want to see it through, others are there to support me. I learned all this because Fordham has fostered a beautiful environment for me to grow and figure out who I am and who I can be. 
What Fordham experience would be complete
without a selfie with Fordham President, Father McShane!

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