Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New York: Our Campus

"New York is my campus, Fordham is my school". As a Fordham student this is a saying I hear and read almost daily. It is printed on the majority of Fordham's promotional material and adorns a banner hanging above the entrances to both student centers. A point of pride for Fordham, that the school's students have the unparalleled resource of New York City to aid in their higher education. Two years ago when I was a perspective student I found myself encountering this slogan frequently on Fordham advertising. I would be lying if I said I was not highly skeptical at first about Fordham students truly considering all of New York City to serve as their campus. Nevertheless, I am here to say Fordham has happily subsided all of my doubts. 

Throughout my time at Fordham thus far, many of my professors have continuously incorporated the city into their course's curriculum. Whether it is visiting the Museum of Modern Art to view Frida Kahlo's work for Spanish class or attending a lecture on dark matter at the Museum of Natural History for Astronomy, I have found myself constantly utilizing New York City as an amazing resource for my classes.  

One of my most recent educational ventures into the city involved a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for my European Art History class. My professor, Dr. Heleniak, recommended that we view the ancient Greek collection at the Met prior to writing a paper on the functionality of Greek Art. As a result, I spent a Wednesday afternoon with a fellow classmate, and my good friend Alayna Putterman, taking in the enormous collection of Greek art at the Met. 

Alayna Putterman ('18) and myself of the steps of the Met

After selecting several pieces of Greek art to write on, my friend and I spent a great deal of time wandering around the museum. The modern and contemporary art collection was my personal favorite, and I found the works of Georgia O'Keeffe and Sol LeWitt to be among some of the most memorable.

View of New York City from the view of the Met's Roof Garden

As a sophomore at Fordham University I can confidently and excitedly validate that New York is in fact my campus. Attending college in one of the greatest cities in the world provides unbelievable opportunities, and my professors have made sure that we are taking advantage of everything the five boroughs have to offer. I cannot imagine living and learning in any other city, and I am thankful everyday to call NYC my second home.

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