Monday, November 16, 2015

5 Reasons Why I Love Going to School in New York

Here are just 5 reasons why I love going to school in New York- and trust me, there are definitely more than 5!

1. Manhattan is just a short ride away from the Bronx. Whether you take the Ram Van, the Metro North, the D-train, or maybe even the bus, there are so many ways to get in and out of Manhattan.  Not only does this allow you to participate in incredible internship and research opportunities, you get to explore the most incredible city in the world on the weekends for some pretty cheap prices!

2. Broadway and musical entertainment are all literally right there.  I'm a musical theatre freak, and I love going to see shows on Broadway.  As a student of a New York based university, I can show my Fordham ID and get student pricing on tickets to various shows, whether they're Broadway related or not.  Within the last year I've been lucky enough to see The Phantom of the Opera, Gigi, On the Town, and The Christmas Spectacular! Another huge perk of being a Fordham student is having access to the Lincoln Center campus, where there is always some type of performance going on that is Fordham related!  Plus, you only have to go to one place to see the ballet, the opera, or an art exhibit! I also recently went to see Jessie James Decker (wife of New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker and mom of two really cute kids) at The Cutting Room and even got to grab selfies with Jessie, Eric, and Nick Folk (New York Jets kicker)!
Selfies with On the Town star and famous ballerina Misty Copeland and So You Think You Can Dance winner Ricky Ubeda!
My friend and I with Jessie James Decker, Eric Decker, and Nick Folk!
3. The food.  I love New York because anywhere you go you'll find some incredible food, even in the most obscure places!  Whether you're looking for a fancy dinner or a quick fix, you'll find something incredible on any street in the city.  Going to school in the city has really opened me up to trying new things, and I love going on adventures to new places!  Just a few weeks ago I went to Butter for dinner (shout out to my Gossip Girl fans) and it was mind-blowing how delicious the food was.  And I can't get enough of the Wafels & Dinges at the food truck across the street from the Lincoln Center campus. (Disclaimer: When you see the picture below, your mouth will water)

I warned you that your mouth would water!
4. Education + the City = Perfection.  It's pretty common for a professor to assign a project involving venturing into the city.  I've spent countless hours in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with friends who need to go see pieces for art history classes, and it's opened me up to a whole new appreciation for art and the vast history behind the donated pieces.  Last spring I even had a professor send me to see a movie at the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, known for playing indie and cultural films, as a part of my final exam for the class!  There are also so many incredible internship opportunities available to students who go to school in New York, especially when you have an alumni network as incredible and well-rounded as Fordham's!

5. Holiday Celebrations.  It's no secret that New York goes all out for holiday occasions, and the city never disappoints.  The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a staple to my family's holiday celebrations, and although we only watch it on TV I've seen the prep that goes into making those floats possible, and it's incredible!  Walking around 5th Ave during the Christmas season, which just so happens to be finals time, is also one of my favorite things to do on a study break, because even though I can't afford anything there, the window displays are always decorated to perfection!  There's ice skating at Rockefeller Center, the tree, the shops at Bryant Park, and so much more to go and see in the city during Christmastime, plus it gives you the opportunity to take a break from the books and enjoy the city that we are so lucky to call home.  In the Bronx, the Zoo and Botanical Gardens light up the night with beautiful displays for the holiday season! 

The Christmas tree at Tiffany & Co. on 5th Ave
My roommate and I at Rockefeller Center last Christmas season!

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