Wednesday, November 4, 2015

GO! Set the World On Fire

One of the greatest ways to get involved in Fordham's campus community is through a program called Global Outreach, or GO!. Associated with the Office of Mission and Ministry, the Global Outreach program organizes short-term service and cultural immersion projects for Fordham students at both international and domestic locations. Usually about ten days in length, GO! projects are offered over winter break, spring break, and in the beginning of the summer term. Founded in the four pillars of community, social justice, simple living, and spirituality, GO! projects are meant to expose students to issues of social, economic, political, and environmental injustice, while living in solidarity with the communities they serve.

Half of my team - throughout the semester we go on GOcials, to get to know the members of our team!

 This semester, I have the privilege of participating in the GO! NYC project. While most trips involve a decent amount of travel (other project sites include India, El Salvador, and New Orleans, to name a few), this project is unique in that it allows students to implement the GO! mission in our very own New York. This January, we will be spending ten days working with partner organizations at various sites throughout the city, learning about issues facing the people with HIV/AIDs, working families, and the homeless. In preparation, our team has weekly meetings, socials (called GOcials, of course!), and fundraisers to help offset the cost of our trip. Already, we are building our own miniature community, and I cannot wait to get going on our project! I couldn't be happier that I decided to apply to Global Outreach, and encourage all Fordham students to do so as well! For more information about GO! and its projects, visit the Global Outreach website.

To offset the cost of the trip, we organize fundraisers throughout the semester. Last week, we organized a quesadilla delivery...sadly, guac was extra!

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