Wednesday, November 11, 2015

LIVE - from Rose Hill: WFUV

The experience of working at WFUV is one that I could not get anywhere else. It has allowed me to work in a professional environment with incredibly talented people and artists. The music industry was always something that has interested me; now, to have the opportunity to work at a renowned radio station that is on the Rose Hill Campus is so exciting!

Shot taken at our front desk!
I personally work in the Engineering Department, which means that when artists come in to record live sessions, I set up the light and operate the cameras to film the live performances. From there, we edit the videos and publish them on YouTube. There are other people in the department that handle the soundboard and mixing the audio. So, if anyone wants to watch live performances from bands such as Mumford and Sons, Elle King or Kurt Vile, you can find them on YouTube. Or, you can work at the radio station and meet these artists for yourself!

Check out our YouTube Channel!

Written by: Michael Sperling

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