Friday, February 5, 2016

Czech Out Prague for a Semester

While I miss New York City dearly, leaving Fordham for one semester to studying and travel around Europe can outweigh the homesick feelings. For my spring semester of my junior year I am living, studying and working in Prague, Czech Republic. Before I left, I worked with Fordham’s ISAP team (International Study Abroad) and my advisers to find the perfect program for me.
Me saying "Na shledanou" to my mom at the airport

Like many other students at Fordham (36%) I choose to broaden my cultural, educational, and social norms by spending a semester abroad However, when colleges limit the programs they offer or accept credit from, studying abroad and still receiving enough credit to graduate on time can be difficult. I found this to be the opposite at Fordham.
All I had to do was choose my city and Fordham helped me take care of the rest. While in Prague, as a part of the CIEE Communications, New Media and Journalism program, I all of my courses pertain to my Communications and Media Studies major. Starting Monday I will even begin and internship at a Czech media company!

view from my CIEE school at Vysehrad Fortress

So while anytime away from Fordham causes me to miss my “Ramily,” I am looking forward to all of the new experiences, people and cultures I will “Czech” out while abroad!  
Prague's famous Charles Bridge

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