Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Club Spotlight: Sláinte: Fordham Irish Dance

Sláinte (slahn-che)
From Old Irish
1. Cheers

Are you a prospective Ram looking for an easy way to join the Fordham community? Look no further than the many unique clubs that our school has to offer! From acapella groups, to business societies, to dance teams, Sláinte is just one of your options -- and, in my humble opinion, it's the best one!

Sláinte is Fordham's one and only Irish dance club. We finally became an officially recognized club this year, which means we have the opportunity to compete as a real Irish dance team! Some experience as an Irish dancer is required to audition; however, there is no need to be currently competing! When I visited Fordham on Accepted Student's Day two years ago, I instantly found Sláinte's table and was so happy to see that I could continue doing something I love at a place that I love! As a student athlete, I have a rigorous practice schedule -- I swim for almost 20 hours a week -- but I can assure you that it is very possible to be involved in anything that Fordham has to offer!
Sláinte Members 2016-2017!

Sláinte has made their presence known on campus through many performances. We have participated as an act in ASILI's "Taste the World" event; opened for The B-Side's, one of Fordham's many talented acapella groups; helped raise money for pediatric cancer research by performing at Fordham Dance Marathon; partnered with Gaelic Society to create the first annual Irish Night, a night devoted to celebrating Irish culture through live music by The Narrowbacks, food and baked goods provided by members of Sláinte and Gaelic Society, and, of course, Irish dancing! Now that we are an official club with a very official budget, Sláinte will travel to Villanova University in just a few weeks to compete in the Intercollegiate Irish Dance Festival!

Sláinte is a group of people who are proud of their Irish heritage, and we hope we can share our culture through dancing with the rest of the Fordham community for years to come! If you are interested in learning more about Sláinte, feel free to like our page on Facebook. Go Rams, and, in true Irish fashion, "sláinte!"

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