Monday, September 12, 2016

Eddie's Club Fair

Blog by Katherine Kelly

Posters, candy, music, and smiling faces basking in the sunlight around Eddie’s – the Club Fair held on the first day of school is one of my favorite Fordham events. Joy oozes from club leaders as they enthusiastically shout at freshmen to sign up for their club or try out for their team. Sporting their lanyards and perfectly fitted Fordham tees, freshmen are in awe of school spirit, eager to make friends and immerse themselves in campus life.

Whether looking to get involved in a new club, or content in supporting and continuing membership in a current organization, the Club Fair is an exciting event for all students. Held on the first day of school, it is a reunion site for many. Hugs and “How was you summer?” blockade paths as students make their way around Eddie’s to catch up with friends.
For those who have proudly stood behind their clubs’ table at the Club Fair, they might argue that clubs with the best food get the most sign ups. Some clubs take a less subtle approach, cheering, shouting, and blasting music until you can’t help but go talk to their table. Many freshmen wander aimlessly, unsure of what they want to get involved in – is an a cappella group really cool? Is it weird to write for a literary magazine? Questions about time commitment and membership flood the air in repetition. Those with a specific skill or talent make laps around Eddie’s until they can confidently stride towards the club they have done extensive research on.

As the semester comes and goes and friendships are formed, many will have the Club Fair to thank for exposing them to the people and clubs they can now call their favorite things about Fordham. 

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