Monday, October 3, 2016

Finally Fall at Fordham!

Blog by Jane Mackowiak

There is always a moment about a month into the first semester when I walk outside my residence hall and I know it's finally Fall. The air smells crisper and the leaves start to accumulate on the sidewalks during my walks to class. As much as I love spending afternoons on Eddie’s in the hot sun, there is something about Autumn at Fordham that just feels right.

Central Park offers a peaceful escape from the city and a good opportunity to stroll and people watch.

When the temperatures start to drop, campus starts to buzz with excitement. You can see joy radiate from the faces of students wearing their Patagonias for the first time of the season. You feel more alert with all the caffeine from one too many pumpkin spice lattes. On the weekends, you join the migration of students outside the city for apple picking, pumpkin patches, and hayrides.

The trees change color and make Keating look even more gorgeous in the Fall

The excitement of the season cannot be ignored when you are in such a beautiful place like Fordham. The changing colors of the leaves and the sun beaming through the trees just can't be beat. When you're here, the thrill of sweater weather is infectious!

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