Thursday, October 13, 2016

Midterms: Keys to Success

You’re halfway through the semester and it’s going swimmingly so far. However, midterms are approaching and they are stressing you out. No matter how much they are worth towards your final grade for each respective class, midterms are extremely important. Not only do they count a lot towards your grade point average, but they are also an evaluation for how much you have learned so far in the course. Here are some good tips for keeping your composure and making sure you succeed on your exams.

First, you must plan ahead. This means looking at each of your midterms, evaluating how much studying is necessary for your success, and executing your plan. If you have an exam worth 40% of your final grade, it might be a good idea to study a week or two in advance, even if it is just for 30 minutes a day.

You also must try to find a study place that fits the way you learn. If you need quiet, go to the library and find a secluded spot. If you’re comfortable in your dorm room, make sure there are no distractions around to interrupt your studying. If you retain information well in a group sessions, find a partner or a group to study with and make sure to keep your focus the entire time.

Finally, keep a level head and try not to stress. If you put in the work correctly, there is no doubt you will ace your midterms. It may require more effort than you thought, but as long as you stick to your personalized plan you will succeed.

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