Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Club Spotlight: Expressions Dance Alliance

Do you love to dance?  Do you love pizza and singing Beyonce at the top of your lungs?  Expressions Dance Alliance is the club for you!

The Juniors in the Fall 2016 Company
Expressions Dance Alliance is Fordham's elite student run dance company that covers many styles of dance, ranging from contemporary to jazz to tap
Spring 2016 Company of Expressions Presents: 15
to hip hop.  They just celebrated their 15 year anniversary this past spring!  Every semester the students of the company produce original choreography to the songs of their choice, create a budget for their costumes, props and publicity ads, schedule their own rehearsals and plan their semi-annual performances amongst others with various performance groups.  The final result culminates in a two night performance each semester, all with new student choreography, dancers, and themes! This weekend, November 18th and 19th, Expressions will perform their semi-annual showcase entitled "Expressions Presents: Dynamic".

Promotional video for Expressions Presents: Dynamic

At the beginning of each semester, board members hold an open audition for anyone interested in trying out for the company.  The audition typically involves a group stretch, across the floor work such as jumps and turns, and two short combinations done in small groups in the styles of contemporary and hip hop.  Board members then work together to build the new company, and rehearsals begin just one day later!

Stretching at the Fall 2016 Auditions
Every dancer is required to participate in the two company pieces, and after that they are able to be in as many dances as they like. Company pieces are extremely special because every dancer is involved in the piece, whereas other pieces are typically smaller in size ranging from about 5-10 dancers.  EDA also offers "master classes" throughout the year, which are hour-long classes taught by company members that are open to the entire Fordham community!

The Fall 2016 Company 
This semester, Expressions has a large company of 21 beautiful and talented dancers, and they are all extremely excited about the upcoming show!  Check EDA out on Instagram and Twitter at @exp_dance, and also on Facebook and YouTube by searching "Fordham Expressions" or "Expressions Dance Alliance".

Photo Credits to Samantha Mandich, Kellyn Simpkins, and Nathan Tibbulous

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