Friday, November 4, 2016

The Concourse Group: Fordham's Student-Run Consulting Firm

If you are looking for a hands-on way to get more involved in the local Bronx community, while also gaining real world experience towards your major, look no further than The Concourse Consulting Group. Run completely by Fordham students, The Concourse Consulting Group is staffed with approximately twenty consultants working with five local businesses. As a current member of Concourse, the experience I have gained through the group has been invaluable (and not to mention a great resume builder). Concourse is centered around developing and enhancing the common good in the direct community. When working these local businesses, we seek to help them develop their entrepreneurial ventures by providing pro bono consulting and microloans. Some of the responsibilities of Concourse consultants include developing in-depth business plans, conducting competitor and market analyses, examining the financials of the company, and creating a web/social media presence for our clients. 

Working for Concourse not only allows you to “get your feet wet,” gaining experience with a real company; it also has a social good aspect, making your contributions even more meaningful. Consultants are often working with small fledgling start-ups;their survival may depend on the strategy work that Concourse does for them. As consultants, we strive to provide the businesses owners with the necessary tools to propel their business into success. The Concourse Group is not simply a consulting firm in the Bronx; we are a part of the Bronx. We explore the neighborhood and truly seek to get involved with the diverse, entrepreneurial individuals who live in our area. As we help out these local entrepreneurs, in turn, we receive knowledgeable insight into the struggles and triumphs of developing a business venture.

So whether you are a finance, marketing, accounting, or even a philosophy major, The Concourse Group has a place for you. The relationship that a Concourse consultant develops is one of reciprocity; in your time as a consultant, you will not only share your knowledge with clients but also cultivate a deeper understanding of the startup world and the Bronx community. 

For more information about Concourse click here. 

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