Thursday, November 3, 2016

Baseball in the Bronx

Blog by Michelle Dastur

As exciting as it would’ve been to be at Game 7 of the world series last night, I’m still content with the game I did get to go to this year, thanks to CAB at Fordham. CAB stands for “Campus Activities Board” and gives students many opportunities on and off campus, throughout the year. Once a month they hold raffles where students show their student ID, receive a raffle ticket, and are entered for a chance to win up to two tickets to one of 3 or 4 exciting events. These events are usually a broadway show, comedy show, tickets to the Top of the Rock or Empire state building, or tickets to various baseball and basketball games.
The golden tickets!
The September raffle during the end of the first month of school granted me $20 tickets to the Yankees vs. Sox game on September 27th. As a Sox fan, this was especially exciting to me, because I knew this would be one of the last games Big Papi would ever play at Yankee Stadium. When I called my parents to tell them, they were even more excited than I was, and
ended up telling many of their friends what section I was sitting in and to watch out for me.

Being a student at Fordham, we’re lucky enough to be able to get virtually anywhere with multiple transportation options only a few minutes off campus. So at 6pm on that warm September evening, my roommate and I made the quick trip up Fordham Road and hopped on the subway (the D train), towards Yankee stadium. In a short 15 minutes (during which we saw other Fordham students and fellow Sox fans) we were at the stadium!

Not a bad view, eh?
Though the seats were inexpensive thanks to CAB, the view was not. We had great seats in the 200s section, close to the jumbotron, and close enough where we could still sort of make out the names on the backs of the players’ jerseys. Though it was pretty weird to be a Sox fan in a sea of Yankees fans, we somehow landed ourselves in a section with other Sox fans, and it wasn’t as weird to cheer when everyone else booed. When Big Papi came out, we cheered as loud as we could every time.One of those times even cost me a ketchup stain on my favorite Sox shirt, but it was entirely worth it.

Biggest Sox fans ever!
We even got to see a marriage proposal, waiting in line for our famed Nathan’s hot dogs and cheese fries! This became a proposal much of the US would come to see that night and over the next couple of days, after the man proposing dropped the ring mid proposal. We watched with wide eyes as everyone in his section managed to pull their weight and someone luckily found the ring. They were even interviewed on Ellen the next day!
Though this had to be the one game the Sox lost at Yankee stadium, it was still a great night for baseball and a great night to be a Sox fan. I’m so glad I’ll get to say I saw one of Big Papi’s last games at Yankee Stadium, and got to cheer loud enough for my friends and family back home.  

Here's a link to the video of the couple on Ellen!:

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