Friday, January 20, 2017

Prince Coffee Shop: Off-Campus Hot Spot

For students at Fordham University, the opportunities for dining off-campus are seemingly endless.  Arthur Avenue, the original Little Italy, lies just outside the gates of the Rose Hill Campus.  Restaurants boasting classic Italian fare, such as pizza, gelato, pasta, and coffee, line the sidewalks of this quaint avenue.  Lately, a new location has gained crowds of eager Fordham students: Prince Coffee Shop.

Located at the end of Arthur Avenue, past Mike's Deli and Estrellita's, Prince Coffee Shop stands out with its sleek modern design, bright, window-lined walls, colorful artwork, and delicious coffee, of course.  The menu offers different varieties of hot and iced coffees, from espresso to Frappuccino to iced mochas.  Additionally, tea and smoothies are available along with a wide selection of pastries. 

Yet Prince Coffee shop is most appreciated amongst Fordham students for its favorability as a study spot.  Tables, couches, and chairs fill the shop and an additional downstairs area provides extra seating in a more quiet setting.  During the day, the coffee shop fills with students, local families, and workers stopping in for a cup of coffee.  Prince is the perfect off-campus study spot and an excellent asset to the Arthur Avenue neighborhood!

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