Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Women's March on NYC

  On Saturday, January 21st, men and women of all ages filled the streets of Midtown Manhattan.  Chants of “a nation, united, will never be divided” filled the air as the Women’s March on NYC moved down Fifth Avenue. 
Signs had positive messages such as "Love Wins"

 The March on NYC was organized by Katherine Siemionko and Hayley Dwight, who wanted to support the Washington D.C. event.  Siemionko and Dwight said on Facebook that their goal was to “promote the advancement of equality and human rights for all women, minorities, and immigrants.”  In a time of political division, this message resonated with the estimated 400,000 people who marched in NYC, as well as the 2.9 million who marched worldwide.  The march was peaceful, and many of the signs I saw reflected this fact.  Men, women, and children held posters that proclaimed “Love Wins,” “Women’s Rights are Human Rights,” and “Freedom for All.” 
Streets were packed with people marching
 Similar marches took place all over the country, in places such as Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago.  Celebrities such as Rhianna, Nick Offerman, Emma Watson, and Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal also showed their support for the marches by attending and posting photos on social media.

 As college students, we are privileged to have the right to an education.  As Fordham students, we are encouraged to continue that education outside of the classroom.  It is important that we expand our worldview and speak up for what we believe in through leadership opportunities, clubs and organizations here at Fordham, or events like the Women’s March. 

One of the official NYC march logos 

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