Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Rose Hill & Lincoln Center: Making the Best of Both Worlds

Fordham University is comprised of two undergraduate campuses: one at Rose Hill in the Bronx, and one at Lincoln Center in Manhattan. Taking classes at two very different campuses may seem like a daunting task, but Fordham makes it quite easy by providing students with transportation through its Ram Vans.

Ram Van at the Lincoln Center campus
Students have access to both campuses thanks to the Ram Van service. Ram Vans run between both campuses every half hour. Seats for each Ram Van can be reserved online ahead of time. One can purchase tickets for the Ram Van at both campuses: in the front lobby at Lincoln Center, and in the Ram Van office next to O'Hare Hall at Rose Hill. However, if you are registered for a class at either campus, you will receive two free Ram Van passes for each day that you have class.

As a New Media & Digital Design major, most of my classes are based out of Lincoln Center's campus. Thanks to the Ram Van service, it is possible for me to live on the Rose Hill campus while also fulfilling my course requirements at the Lincoln Center campus.

Ram Van at Rose Hill
Ram Vans are not only for students taking classes. They are also an easy and relatively cheap way to get into Manhattan. A Ram Van ticket will run you $3, which is only a little more than a subway ticket and significantly cheaper than a Metro North ticket! Ram Vans make it possible for students based out of Lincoln Center to catch a football game on the Rose Hill campus, and for students based out of Rose Hill to see a performance at the Lincoln Center campus. Because of the Ram Van, Fordham students really do get the best of both worlds. 

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