Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pete's Café: A Fordham Favorite

Pete's menu
After a fire in March of 2015, I wasn’t sure if Pete’s Café would ever come back to Fordham Road.  Last year, I heard rumors that the diner was returning, but the gossip finally proved to be true this semester.  The café opened under new management, and I was so excited to get to go back! Pete’s is located at 570 East Fordham Road, and is a great spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  

Pete's Café's French Toast
Most importantly, Pete’s is open seven days a week and serves breakfast all day long, so Fordham students can get brunch whenever they want.  Pete’s is cozy and welcoming, with a classic diner feel.  The French Toast is incredible, and Pete’s is known for its Mexican food (like breakfast burritos) as well.  The café is family friendly, with a kids’ menu and many different food options.  I’m so glad Pete’s is back, since it has great food and is a great addition to the Fordham community!

Some of the breakfast food at the café

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