Saturday, October 6, 2012

Engineering at Fordham

             So you're probably looking at Fordham and all of the opportunities it has to offer. But you may be asking the same question I was when I first visited; what about engineering? Even though Fordham isn't predominately an engineering school, is it still offered? I knew I was going to be greatly disappointed if it wasn't. By just seeing the campus and meeting so many people, I could already see myself being a Fordham Ram. I was crushed when I learned that engineering was not offered at the school, but I felt much better when I learned of the engineering opportunities Fordham could give. So I'll ask first, if you could spend some of your college career studying at an Ivy League school, would you take that opportunity? Fordham can give that to you. With Columbia University right in the neighborhood, Fordham can make this possible.

            The 3-2 Engineering Program at Fordham is probably one of the biggest opportunities I have ever taken. Not only will I study at both Fordham and Columbia University, but I will also graduate with two degrees from each of these schools. There's also many different fields of engineering to choose from. When I first learned of this program, Fordham immediately rose to the top of my list of colleges. Today I sit here as a Chemistry major in the 3-2 Engineering program and couldn't be any happier. It's also amazing to know that I will graduate from two major colleges in the world. If you're thinking about engineering, reconsider Fordham. It's definitely an opportunity worth taking!


  1. What engineering disciplines can you go into, at Columbia, after getting a BA from Fordham?