Monday, November 26, 2012

Denzel Washington Visits Lincoln Center!

Denzel Washington Visits Lincoln Center!

One of the best parts of Fordham is its great community of alumni, with some of those alumnus being more well-known than others in their respective fields. There is the established author Don DeLillo, the revered Yankee broadcaster Michael Kay, and probably the most notable name in the Fordham alum family, actor Denzel Washington.

On November 8th, Washington took a detour from the premiere of his latest film Flight and stopped by his old stomping ground of Fordham University at Lincoln Center. He used this time to speak with theater students, like he was, aspiring to break into the film industry. Students were allowed to ask him questions about his rise to fame, his time at Fordham, and even the latest on his current and future projects. 

Though I may not have been able to attend the lecture with Washington, I still can appreciate the fact of having such an esteemed alum visit Fordham and take the time to talk with current students. It also comforts me to think that Fordham graduates are still part of the Fordham family even after we've received our degrees and graduated. If there's one lesson I'm learning here at Fordham it's, once a ram...always a ram!

For more on Denzel's visit to Fordham, click here!

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