Sunday, February 10, 2013

Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports is an extracurricular activity at Fordham that many students participate in during their time at Fordham. Intramural sports are fun to play with friends in a less competitive way than club and varsity level sports. The year is divided into three seasons: fall, winter and spring. The fall season includes flag football, soccer and softball. Basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball are played in the winter season. Finally, soccer and softball are offered in the spring. For each sport, there are different leagues that a team can enter; for example, flag football offers a co-rec league, men’s A league, and a men’s B league.

Students interested in playing intramural sports can create their team on an easy-to-use portal called On this website, players can view the roster, record, and team schedule for their team as well as other teams in their league.

Games are typically played once a week with games starting between 9 and 11pm and there are student referees for each game. At the end of the season, qualified teams will play in the playoffs to reach the championship game. The winners of the championship game receive an intramural sports t-shirt, which winners will proudly wear around campus.  In addition to receiving the t-shirt, the winning team will also be photographed in their shirts, which are displayed on the intramural sports website and televisions located around campus.

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