Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Fordham Advantage

Often times I get asked ‘why Fordham?’, and whether it be from my parents, a prospective tour group, my high school guidance counselor, or a job interviewer, I give the same answer. What is great about my school, what makes Fordham the place to call home, is something that admissions statistics or a thousand tours may not be able to tell you, and that’s that, at Fordham, you have the freedom and the encouragement to be any kind of student you want to be.
Only two?? Yeah right!
This might be a strange concept especially for a high school junior or senior because, a lot of times in the media and such, colleges/college students are portrayed one of two ways: the crazy fraternity/sorority four-year party or the no-fun never-ending study session. These are bad stereotypes, of course, but it doesn’t change the fact that these are actually ways in which some colleges operate. If you asked any current student to label Fordham in this manner I guarantee you that they would find it impossible; the real beauty of Fordham is that you have the best of all worlds—academics, social life, professionalism, athletics, and a big ol’ city in our backyard.

Take me for example, who, for all intents and purpose, is your average sophomore student. On any given day, I could be downtown interning in the morning and in class by mid-afternoon. I could catch up with friends in the cafeteria and then we could all head to a Rams baseball game. Before the night is over we could explore the neighborhood hotspots and still have time to just hang out and play some glow-in-the-dark Frisbee on Eddie’s lawn. Fordham isn’t just a school for academics or just one for athletics or one just for parties or even one just to prepare you for a career, but it IS a school for you—whomever you decide to be. 

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