Friday, April 12, 2013

WFUV - Public Radio from Fordham University

  WFUV 90.7 is the radio station found on Fordham's Rose Hill campus, but it's not your typical college radio station.  WFUV is an NPR-affiliated public radio station, where Fordham students can learn about radio production firsthand, alongside professional staff members.  Located in the basement of Keating Hall, it is, to me, one of the most interesting parts of Fordham!

  Students are able to become involved with WFUV in various departments, including news, sports, and engineering.  If you are interested in journalism, the news program will allow you to learn the tricks of the trade as you report on NYC-related stories yourselves.  Students with an interest in sports can train with the sports department, experiencing firsthand the world of sports journalism.
  If you are interested in audio engineering or videography, the engineering workshops and internship opportunities are a great choice.  You work alongside WFUV's engineering department, assisting with live audio and video recordings of bands in Studio A (you can see/hear some of the performances here!), one of the studios found within WFUV's production facilities, among other tasks.
  Currently I am an intern in the engineering department, where I have learned about audio, video, and editing techniques and concepts, but, more importantly, I have been able to apply them.  Being a part of WFUV has allowed me to see firsthand what it is like to work in a media-production environment, as I also gain useful skills.
  It has been a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend that any interested (current or future!) students check out WFUV at!

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