Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fordham Retreats

I had a chance to go to an Emmaus Retreat last weekend through the Fordham Campus Ministry at the beautiful retreat house in Goshen. As a student who does not consider religion as a part of life, it was refreshing to reflect on my four years of collegiate life.

Emmaus retreat definitely does have spiritual and religious aspect, as it was built on the core beliefs of the Jesuit living. However, it does not mean that the student must be active in his or her religious life. Reflections do not have to be religious, but dig into the deeper emotional self-thoughts and apply it to one’s regular lifestyle. In addition to meditating on self-actualizing life assessments, students are given free time to mingle with one another, widening their friendship circles.

The Campus Ministry does a great job in matching students’ eating habits, as varieties of food are available at their disposal. Moreover, the retreats are managed by students, which motivate the students to be more active and engaging in Fordham clubs and organizations.

Besides, everyone needs a little break out of his or her busy lives. Fordham offers great selections of retreat, where students are to take the most out of school’s offerings. As a senior, it definitely was a treat, as one must pay extreme amounts of money in order to get away from the city - $30 dollars filled with food and relaxing activities are worth it!

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