Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GO Get Yourself Involved on Campus!

Concerning my Fordham experience, there is little for me to say in regards to regrets. It is at this wonderful university that I've made better friends than I could ever have anticipated, expanded my knowledge infinitely, and made truly lasting memories. What could there possibly be to regret? Honestly, the only thing I can think of is not getting involved early enough in my college career with all that Fordham has to offer. At the conclusion of my sophomore year, I had the utmost pleasure of experiencing my first Global Outreach (otherwise known as GO!) trip. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I only wish that I had gotten more involved with the program as a freshman.

Fordham's Global Outreach program has a number of different trips, both abroad and domestic, that focus on a combination of cultural immersion and service to the community. The four pillars on which it is founded consist of spirituality, community, social justice, and simple living. The purpose of the projects is to foster these different values and to build a strong community not only within the Fordham team itself, but also with the place they go. Each team consists of a leader, a chaperone, and ten students who are selected after a rigorous application and interview process. Over the course of several weeks, they meet periodically to prepare themselves for the trip and to form ties with one another that will be essential as they travel across the world to serve and learn.

I cannot stress how truly incredible the experience that Global Outreach provides for Fordham students is. Not to sound cheesy, but my trip truly changed my life for the better. My trip, known as GO! West, focused primarily on the plight of the rural homeless in Southern Colorado as well as the cultural practices of the Cheyenne tribe in Montana. My eyes and heart were opened as they have never been before and I will forever treasure the memories made with my team in this beautiful part of our country. Whether it was gardening in the desert, sleeping in a teepee, or singing as we traversed between destinations, all was wonderful and I would not trade my experience for everything.

So if I have one piece of advice it is this: learn early about all that Fordham has to offer and get yourself involved. You won't regret it!!

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