Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GUEST BLOG featuring Professor McCarthy

An exciting new initiative for the blog this year is a Guest Blog featuring students and professors on our campus that are outside of the Rose Hill Society, the club that contributes to this very blog. When thinking of who to ask for our first one, I immediately thought of one of my favorite professors here at Fordham, Professor Nancy McCarthy. I have taken her course in Business Communications and I am currently enrolled in her Personal Leadership course, both offered through the Gabelli School of Business. Not only is she an awesome professor but a really interesting person! Below are her responses to my interview questions. Read on to hear what she loves about Fordham!

Name: Nancy McCarthy

Hometown:  Throg’s Neck, Bronx, NY

Hobbies:  Love photography, especially wild life.

Courses Taught at Fordham:  I’ve taught Business Communication, Applied Business Communication, Personal Leadership, and Integrated Core for Juniors. Also, I've taught Management/Communications courses at Manhattan College.

How did you get to this part of your career at Fordham?  When I came to Fordham I worked as support staff. Being around students who were so eager to learn made me realize the importance of a good education. In my opinion, there was no better school than Fordham. I went back to school as an adult and got a few degrees.

How is your career now similar or different from what you pictured for yourself when you were in college?  I am living my dream job. I was fortunate to work along with people who shared the same work ethic. The entire staff always had the student’s best interest at heart. 

What do you like about teaching at Fordham?  I enjoyed being an administrator but teaching makes the connection with the student so much stronger. You actually watch them grow both personally and professionally. They are hungry for knowledge and want to be prepared for the world outside our gates. 

What is something you hope all of your students will take away with them after completing one of your courses?  My course deals with the soft skills of business. Improving your interpersonal skills along with understanding who you are and what you plan to accomplish. I hope they have a better understanding of their strengths and how to navigate through their weaknesses to have a richer life. When I say richer, I don’t mean monetarily, I mean being able to balance work, family, and fun. It’s all about the balance.

There you have it! I love Professor McCarthy's courses because not only have I learned how to become more confident in a professional setting, but I also have gained a stronger sense of self. Her office is located in the home of the Gabelli School of Business - shown in the picture below - Hughes Hall!

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