Saturday, October 19, 2013

“The Voice of the Residence Halls”

As a Student Government organization, Fordham’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) allows a governing body from each residence hall to serve as the liaison between the resident students and the administration and to form a community within the hall that they serve. Each residence hall has a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and programmer.

Last year, as a freshman, I was elected secretary in Martyr’s Court Jogues. Throughout the year, I planned programs for my residence hall and attended weekly meetings. Some of the programs that we held throughout the year include a meet-and-greet, midnight breakfast, sporting events against other residence halls, Easter Egg Decorating, reverse trick-or-treating, lunch with Father McShane, an Oscar’s viewing party, and an End-of-the-Year Superlatives party. All of these programs helped to foster a bond between each member of the residence hall.

Getting involved with RHA was an extremely rewarding experience that allowed me to meet some of the greatest people at Fordham and form lasting friendships. As the secretary of my hall I felt that I played a very important part in shaping a lasting community.  

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