Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Greatest City In The World During The Summer: Fordham Style

An amazing perk of going to Fordham that I didn’t realize until well after I came here, is Fordham during the summer season. What’s better than NYC during the school year…NYC during the summer time of course!
My roommate and I enjoyed ice cream on a warm day this spring in Manhattan!

 Six of my good friends are doing summer sessions here, four of them living at Rose Hill and two of them living in Manhattan at Lincoln Center. Fordham has AMAZING summer opportunities. While I have a job back home that I need to go home for, next summer I am DEFINITELY going to do a summer session, hopefully at Lincoln Center! My four friends that are living here at Rose Hill are working at our Call Center, which is a job here on campus that calls alumni and works on fundraising. They’re making money and living in the city that never sleeps, how awesome is that?! Two of these friends have internships in the city and the other two are taking classes. My two friends that decided to live at LC for the summer both have summer internships too! Last year another friend of ours lived at Fordham LC for the summer, and she balanced a class and an internship, while also having tons of city adventures all summer long! Living in NYC in such a beautiful neighborhood on the Upper West Side is such a privilege and a great opportunity; I really recommend that every Fordham student does this for at least one summer session while they are an undergrad.
Isn't Bryant Park so beautiful in the sun?!

Fordham has a great career services office; they can set you up with an awesome summer internship. If that’s not your cup of tea for the summer, how about taking a summer course at one of our two beautiful campuses?

My friends at Fordham doing summer sessions will be able to explore the city all summer long!

 Fordham is very accommodating with housing, and you can choose whether you want to live at LC or RH based on your own personal preferences. I cannot wait to visit my friends that are staying on campus this summer!! I’m so jealous!!

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  1. Now this is one cool way to spend the summer: by earning money! How are your friends doing at their summer jobs? The call center job looks good. You get to talk to people, and you improve your communication skills too. Something like that could be useful when you get back to class, right? Forget about getting hitched on a summer fling; this summer job looks great!

    Tom Coshow @ TeleDirect