Monday, May 5, 2014

A Final Reflection From a Graduating Senior!

The last week of school has suddenly arrived, something I have been dreading for months now. It is strange to be writing my final entry for the Fordham blog, since I’ve been blogging since I was a sophomore. As a graduating senior, I have had so many meaningful experiences at Fordham, and cannot express enough words of gratitude for the valuable Jesuit education I have received and the people I have met, coloring the way I see the world in wonderful ways.

When I attended Fordham’s Spring Preview as a high school senior, trying to decide whether I would attend Fordham or Boston University, these words from Father McShane convinced me that Fordham was the right place for me: “When you put it all together, what is a Jesuit education about? It is about nothing less than empowerment and transformation.” I did not then fully understand what he meant, but now, with graduation looming closer every day, the wisdom behind his words has become clear.

My time at Fordham has been the most challenging but also the most eye-opening years of my life. Though I cannot explicitly name the ways in which I am a different person, I know that I feel stronger, like my feet are planted a little more firmly on the ground. I am so grateful for everything that happened in the past four years, for the challenges I was faced with, the friends I drifted apart from only to gain new ones, and for the blank slate that lies ahead of me. Almost four years ago, a scared little girl arrived on Fordham’s campus. Today, I feel empowered and transformed, with a clearer sense of who I am and what my goals are for my future.
I am heartbroken to leave the place I have come to call my home, but Fordham has truly prepared me for the future, as uncertain as it may be. Come to Fordham, and let it change your life like it changed mine—you won’t regret it.

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