Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Don't Forget Your Dancing Shoes!

Back when I was a freshman, I was very excited to start my college experience by getting involved on campus in any way possible, so at the annual Club Fair around Eddie’s, I signed up for at least twenty different clubs that all sounded interesting.  One of these clubs was Fordham Ballroom Club.  Like many girls, I had taken ballet classes for a while when I was little, but I never thought of trying to dance with a partner.  Because I signed up for Ballroom at the club fair, I received all of the emails describing the fun activities the club put on, but I was always too nervous to show up by myself and try something out of my comfort zone.  Now as I junior, I realize how much I regret not participating in Ballroom Club my first year here.  One of my roommates this year, Dorina, is actually the President of Fordham Ballroom Dance.  Before coming to Fordham, she had even less dance experience than me, and she learned at club meetings through the teaching of previous president Fred Engelhardt.  She persuaded me to come to Ballroom one week after teaching me some basic moves in the dining room of our apartment.  As a beginner, I was nervous that I would embarrass myself, but there were other people with little experience that were learning for the first time along with me, and the veteran dancers were very nice and helpful.  I was able to convince two of my friends to come with me, and we all ended up having a great time.

Learning some new moves
For Fordham Ballroom Dance, each week we meet in the McGinley Center Ballroom for an hour and learn moves to different standard ballroom styles.  We separate into sides, with boys on one side and girls on the other. Dorina teaches a couple of moves to the group, and then we pair up and practice what we just learned.  Each week we review and then build upon the previous week. So far we have learned aspects of the Waltz, Salsa, and Swing.  We switch partners each time we practice a new move, so another plus of this club is that I am always meeting new people.

Along with the weekly classes, the Ballroom Club coordinates a couple of trips a semester to a Club 412, a dance club in Manhattan where they have separate rooms that each are dedicated to a different style of ballroom.  I am really excited for our first trip so I can actually use what I have been practicing each week.  

Time to practice
Members having fun at Club 412
Check out some of these amazing performances from members of Fordham Ballroom Club!
(My talented roommate Dorina is the female lead featured in the first two videos)

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