Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sunday Mass at Fordham (and in the city)!

One of the primary reasons I choose Fordham University, the Jesuit University of New York, was its Jesuit mission. While Fordham is welcoming to people of all faiths, it is important to recognize our unique Jesuit, Ignatian identity and Catholic faith. 

The University Church
As a child who grew up attending mass every Sunday, participating in weekly mass has become second nature. Fordham Campus Ministry offers so many means for students to become involved in the spiritual atmosphere at Fordham including, but definitely not limited to, Christian Life Communities, Ignatian Programs, Interfaith Ministry, Liturgical Ministries, Music Ministry, Retreats, Bible Study and of course daily masses.

When I came to Fordham I decided I wanted to become more involved during masses so I decided to become a Eucharistic Minister. Now, as a junior, I continue to serve at Sunday masses and masses on special occasions. When I serve as a Eucharistic Minister I feel a strong connection with the Fordham and Jesuit community, and I am able to reflect on my values and beliefs. I would strongly encourage anyone who is invested in his/her faith to take part in Fordham’s Campus Ministry Program and mass in some way.

Inside the University Church
With that said, I also love attending masses at different parishes to broaden my perspective. While Fordham has its own beautiful church, being so close to the city also allows one to go out and explore other parishes and churches, such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This past weekend I was in the city with friends. We spent the day shopping and dinning. However, we decided to try something different and, in fact, went to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The cathedral is absolutely stunning and to be able to celebrate a mass there was unreal. There were people from all over the world visiting and professing the same faith; it amazed me!

St. Patrick's Cathedral 
While walking out of St. Patrick’s I took special note of the stained glass windows. The stained glass windows in Fordham’s church were originally gifts from King Louis of France to Archbishop Hughes and were intended for the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral. However, when they did not fit, Fordham built a church that would fit these windows. So, the next time you are in the Fordham University Church, take a look! 

The University Church was dedicated to Archbishop John Hughes in 1845

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