Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fordham Athletics: From Club to Intramurals

If you’re like me, then you’re of a high population of students who have been athletic their whole lives but not quite at the college level. I had always heard about club and intramural sports but at first thought that they wouldn’t be as much fun as my previous varsity experience. Boy was I wrong! I am a proud member of the women’s Rugby team and multiple intramural sports teams such as soccer and basketball.

My rugby team in Rhode Island at a tournament
The women’s rugby team is a one of the many club sports available here at Fordham. Because we are a club team, we get a small amount of funding from Fordham and have access to their facilities such as the football field for practice twice a week and ram vans for travel. Not only has Rugby fueled my need to be active and healthy, but I have also made a fantastic new group of friends.

I also thoroughly enjoy playing with my intramural team each week because they are much needed outlets during our busy weeks. Games go on every day of the week between 7-11 p.m. I feel as though they are the perfect balance between intensity and fun. The people on the field take the game seriously because we all want that t-shirt at the and, of course, bragging rights! On the other hand, both teams laugh a lot and congratulate each other on a job well done at the end of every game regardless of the outcome. One of my favorite characteristics of Fordham students is our ability to always try our best but keep in mind they we are one big happy Fordham ramily!

Sweet shirts and bragging rights after winning the intramural championship
So whether you’re someone who enjoys staying active in a fun and competitive environment, or someone who will be MVP, there are plenty of outlets. Teams are always excited about new recruits and there are plenty of skill levels for you to choose from and get involved. 

Blog By: Kristen Hefferan-Horner 

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