Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Three Important Resources in the Gabelli School of Business

As an accounting major in the Gabelli School of Business, I’ve found that Gabelli offers many different resources for students to develop professionally and to decide what major they would like to pursue. The first resource is the freshman year class, Ground Floor. Whether you take it first or second semester, this class starts to open your eyes about the different areas of business offered at Gabelli, as well as group work needed in the business world. Professors from all the departments speak to students weekly about the subject and different career paths that evolve from the major. The final project of the class is to come up with a business plan for a new business and to present it to the class as if they were investors. My group came up with the idea to open up an arcade with old-fashioned games and food on Arthur Avenue for Fordham students to enjoy.
The PowerPoint of my final presentation

Another important resource in the Gabelli School of Business is the professors. Many of the business professors have worked in the field either prior to teaching or they currently still work part-time. As a student, I find this very valuable to learning not only the textbook side of the profession, but also what really happens on a day-to-day basis. After my last semester’s tax class, I realized I wanted to pursue the taxation part of accounting. I was able to talk to my tax professor, Stanley Veliotis about different tax issues and professional development skills in the Big Four accounting firms, where I hope to work full-time one day. He worked in a Big Four firm for many years before teaching, so I was able to hear stories about different issues he experienced while on the job.
Professors' Backgrounds can be found on Fordham.edu
Lastly, Gabelli has their own office devoted to helping students with professional development. The Office of Personal and Professional Development is located on the third floor of Hughes Hall. Services offered are resume, cover letter, and interview help. The difference from Career Services, however, is that it is catered to students based on the industry they are pursuing. This means you can still go to Career Services for help with your resume, but afterwards go to the office of Personal and Professional Development to have it tailored to your profession. Students can make appointments for this office with their username and password on Gabelli Access.

Gabelli Access is found on GabelliConnect.com

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