Friday, February 27, 2015

Intercampus Transportation Shuttle

Since the second semester of my freshman year, I have had a job at Fordham's Ram Van. Fordham has two campuses in New York City: The Rose Hill campus, or Bronx Campus, and the Lincoln Center campus. The Ram Van is the most direct mode of transportation between the two campuses (although you can also get there by taking the subway or a bus!). Many people on campus use the Ram Van to get to their classes at the opposite campus, or to simply go and explore the city on a weekend! It is a cheap and quick way to get from one campus to another, which many Fordham students and faculty take regularly.

A view from the van over the Hudson
The intercampus shuttle provides a great student employment opportunity. It is the highest paying student job on campus, and it does not require you to be eligible for work study. There is a work study opportunity available, however, as clericals are always needed in the office to complete various office tasks for the administrators. There is a 10-12 hour a week requirement for drivers, and when scheduling, administrators are really helpful and understanding when it comes to working around your schedule. A job at the Ram Van is not only an awesome way to make sure you have a little extra spending money in your pocket, but also an awesome way to meet other students on campus and to get involved in the Fordham community.

The vans drop you right outside of the Lincoln Center campus
I absolutely love working at the Ram Van! I started as a driver, simply driving the shifts that went to Lincoln Center and returned to Rose Hill. I then became a fueler, which consists of longer shifts that run multiple vans to get fuel and then back to the Rose Hill campus. Fuelers also take care of minor van maintenance, including taking vans to the car wash, filling wiper fluid, and vacuuming out the vans. As time went by, I became a Dispatcher. Dispatchers are primarily in charge of handling the front of the Ram Van office. They sell tickets, watch traffic and tell drivers which route to take, make sure vans board and leave on time, handle any customer needs, and basically ensure that everything runs smoothly in the office.

One of the vans in the car wash!
I have met so many wonderful people with this job. Not only do I absolutely love my administrators and fellow drivers, but there have been so many passengers that I have also been able to chat with. I have also, by picking up special runs (for clubs and organizations that use the ram van to go to different destinations) learned my way around the city really well. Ram Van is a fantastic opportunity for students to have a job and get involved on campus, and definitely something I encourage incoming students to look into!

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