Friday, February 27, 2015

Residence Hall Programs at Rose Hill!

I've lived on campus for almost two years at Rose Hill, so I know plenty about all that the residence halls have to offer. I lived in Alumni Court South my freshman year, and I am now living in O'Hare Hall. Over my time in these halls, I've attended many programs that have helped to expand my horizons and let me experience new parts of the city. Here are some of my favorite programs that my residence halls have sponsored so far at Fordham!

My first week of freshman year, my Resident Assistant took us into the city for free kayaking on the Hudson River. The weather was beautiful and we got to see the city in a breathtaking new way that none of us had before. It was a great way to meet new people and we all really enjoyed the experience!
Relaxing on the Hudson
If you've been in NYC, you've heard of the world-famous Cronut. Half croissant, half donut, these delicious treats can be found only at Dominique Ansel Bakery. Our RA took some of us to go try these pastries for ourselves. We had to leave very early in the morning and stand outside in the cold for a few hours, but it really paid off. The cronuts were delicious, and I would definitely do it again!
Apple Cinnamon Cronut
The Colbert Report
Before Stephen Colbert was hosting Late Night, he was hosting one of my favorite shows, The Colbert Report. My roommate and I won tickets through our residence halls and got free tickets to the show. We were selected to sit in the front row and we even got to high-five Stephen. It was an experience that neither of us will ever forget!

My roommate and I with our tickets!
All in all, the residence halls here at Rose Hill host awesome programs which allow students to experience all that New York has to offer.

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