Friday, February 27, 2015

Senior Spotlight: Sarah Brennan

Name: Sarah Brennan
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Amityville, NY

Sarah showing off her best Fordham wear back
home on Long Island.
Q: What stood out to you about Fordham?
A: It's a great location and it's so close to NYC; there's always something to do!

Q: What made you choose your major?
A: I always had a hunch that I'd want to go into psychology, but after taking a few classes my freshman year, I became convinced it was the area for me. The classes are so interesting and the teachers are great! I actually just started their graduate program in Applied Psychology which is a totally new aspect to Fordham I'm looking forward to seeing.

Q: What was living in the Manresa program like?
A: It was nice to come into such a small community starting college. Everyone really got to know each other and it was nice to see so many faces you knew. A number of the greatest friends I've had at Fordham have been from that freshman year experience; I highly recommend it!

Q: What's been one of your favorite things/memories about Fordham?
A: I began running my freshman year and learned early on that the Botanical Gardens let Fordham students in there for free. Running there regularly is such a great stress release and it's such a lovely place to decompress and reconnect with nature.

Q: Any advice to future Rams?
A: Embrace all that Fordham has to give! College goes by way too fast, appreciate it while you can!

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