Saturday, February 28, 2015

Seeing the World One City at a Time!

London's Big Ben
When I came to Fordham, I had never left the country before. I dreamed of seeing the world, but I never expected to start traveling the world so soon. However, Fordham has allowed me to travel across continents. By the time I graduate, I will have visited four countries in three different continents. I have been able to do this by taking advantage of Fordham's Study Tour programs, which are short study abroad programs. Rather than spending a whole semester abroad, the study tours last about two weeks.

In my freshman year, I took advantage of a Gabelli Study Tour to Europe. With a group of twenty-three students, I visited London and Paris.  While in these cities, we visited several companies from a range of different business disciplines. Each visit gave us a sense of what it was like to conduct business in Europe, which was very valuable. 

The Great Wall of China!
In my sophomore year, I went on a Study Tour to Beijing. Although Beijing was certainly different than New York, I thought it was an amazing experience. We visited many of the major companies in Beijing and attended several lectures at a Beijing university. I especially enjoyed the lectures at the university since they covered historical and business topics from a very different perspective than I had ever experienced before. 

In two weeks, I will be leaving for my third Study Tour. This trip will be to Santiago, Chile. I am currently taking a Business Practices course that is preparing my class for this trip. We have been learning about the political and economic conditions that are affecting the business climate. Spending so much time preparing for this trip is really making me antsy to go! Like the previous trips, we will be visiting various businesses and attending lectures at a Chilean university in Santiago. My Spanish is pretty rusty, but hopefully I will remember enough to get me around the city (It's a good thing that the lectures and company visits will be in English!).

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