Sunday, March 1, 2015

Looking Forward to Spring at Fordham

Winter in New York can be a wonderful time to enjoy the snow and the city.  However, this winter has been particularly brutal, so it has me looking forward to fun outdoor activities on and around the Rose Hill campus.  Fordham looks beautiful in every season, but spring looks especially great on this campus.   

One of the most popular things to do in the spring is to lounge around outside on Edward’s Parade (Eddie’s).  The snow and cold has me dreaming of when it’ll be warm enough to lie outside, read, play Frisbee, and chat with friends in between classes or on the weekend.  As the weather gets warmer, Eddie’s becomes increasingly more crowded with students. On sunny days, Eddie’s is the place to be!

Classic sitting on Eddie's in front of Keating Hall picture.
Right across the street from the Rose Hill campus is the New York Botanical Gardens.  This is free for Fordham students and is the perfect place to stroll or go for a run.  I love being so close to a quiet and beautiful space that allows me to relax and forget the stress and noise of the city.

Another park I enjoy spending time in is Van Cortland Park, which is only about a mile away from Fordham’s campus, so it is only an easy walk or short bus ride away.  This is a huge park (one of the biggest in New York City) with lots of trails, and scenery that’s perfect for a long run or spending the day outside enjoying the weather.

Van Cortlandt Park, a pretty place to be despite some snow!

While there is still plenty of fun to have at Fordham despite the snow and cold, I am definitely looking forward to spending time outdoors, sans jackets, mittens and boots and taking advantage of these beautiful places this spring during my last semester at Fordham!

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