Friday, February 20, 2015

Intramural Sports

One of Fordham's most popular recreational activities is intramural sports.  Three seasons of sports are held each year, with each season boasting three different sports.  Fall sports include flag football, soccer, and softball.  Winter teams are for volleyball, basketball, and dodgeball.  Spring sports are soccer, softball, and kickball.  (See more information here!)  Students can choose a sport, create a team, and play for whichever league they choose!

Besides being a fun release and a great nighttime break, intramural sports can serve as a great way to meet people.  In my freshman residence hall, an intramural soccer team was formed through a sign-up sheet in a community lunge during the first few weeks of the fall semester, allowing students with similar interests to meet and enjoy the game.

A recent night in the Lombardi Fieldhouse, where intramural volleyball
(far court) & basketball (first court) games were taking place!
Back in November, I joined a few friends on a Winter League Co-Rec Intramural Volleyball team (the Serve-ivors!).  Although our experience in playing volleyball varied from player to player, we enjoyed seeing our team improve over the course of the season.  We typically had one game each week, and the trips over to the Lombardi Fieldhouse served as a nice break from doing schoolwork for a little while.

Although we wound up losing in our first playoff game, we had a lot of fun playing each week, and we learned how fun intramural sports can be.

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