Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Update Super Post

Check out the fun Fordham students have been having for the past couple weekends!
Some new friends from the retreat

Nicole Chiuchiolo
This weekend I went on my first Fordham Retreat, Emmaus 114. The retreat took place at Fordham’s amazing retreat house in Goshen. I had an amazing weekend full of prayer, personal reflection, and lots of fun! This was one of my favorite Fordham experiences so far. I made so many new friends who I can’t wait to hang out with outside of the retreat. It was the perfect way to recharge before midterms.

The retreat house's peaceful backyard

Shannon Donovan
This weekend I also went on the Emmaus 114 retreat. We stayed at Fordham’s own beautiful retreat house in Goshen, NY. There are various retreats available for students throughout the year, each with a slightly different focus.  It was a very fulfilling experience, and I definitely recommend signing up for one!

Rolf's beautiful decorations

Deirdre Hynes
The cold weather couldn't stop me from heading into Manhattan this weekend for a delicious dinner at Rolf's, a German restaurant known for its awesome food and Christmas decorations (that stay up all winter)!

My delicious Cuban dinner

Marisa Diaz
This past weekend, I went into Manhattan and had dinner at Havana Central, a Cuban restaurant in Midtown. After dinner, I stumbled upon a really good cookie place called Schmackary's. On the menu were 45 different types of cookies. The one I got was chocolate chip with a hint of sea salt.

My awesome new boomerang

Cerisse Gabion
This weekend was a great opportunity for me to hang out with friends from both on campus and off! I took the Ram Van downtown and went to see the musical If/Then with a friend and also met up with a friend from Australia at the theatre who gave me this really cool boomerang!

My friends and me enjoying dinner

Kayla Giampaolo
I went to see the musical Wicked on Broadway with my roommates. Out of the five of us, only three of us had seen it before so it was a really exciting trip. We began the evening by going out to dinner at Enzo's, one of our favorite restaurants on Arthur Avenue. After that we grabbed some dessert at Palombo and sprinted to catch the next Metro North Train to Grand Central. After quickly navigating through the city we made it just in time for the show to begin. Although I have already seen Wicked once before, it was an amazing performance. After the show, we decided to take the subway home to save some money and came back to Fordham. One of my favorite aspects of attending Fordham is how easy it is to explore and experience Manhattan. There's no better feeling than escaping the Bronx for a little while and enjoying the endless opportunities that lie just 20 minutes away.

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