Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Update

Linda Mule
This weekend, I had the ultimate lazy Saturday! Upon waking up to a still snowy campus, I took a 2 PM Metro North (Saturday and Sunday CityTicket is only $4!!!!) to Grand Central with my friends to check out to the most popular brunch spot in all of SoHo: Jack's Wife Freda. After only a few stops via the 6 Subway, we arrived at the cutest little cafe. We were seated among the hustle and bustle, and knew what we wanted immediately. I ordered the spicy shakshuka, an Israeli breakfast dish of baked eggs in a spicy sauce, and delicious lattes. We were served promptly and ate rapidly. After our late lunch, my friends and I made our way back on the Metro North for the quick trip back to Fordham where we watched movies and enjoyed the heat of the Residence Halls (who were busy preparing for the Super Bowl festivities for Sunday- wings anyone?).
My delicious shakshuka and latte

Nicole Pieri
It's been extremely cold in New York for the past few days so I spent this weekend mostly trying to stay warm in my dorm. On Friday and Saturday, my roommates and I had movie nights. On Sunday, I spent a lot of the day in the library reading and writing for some of my classes. There's a possibility of a snow day coming this week, but this weekend gave me the opportunity to stay ahead on my work.
Not a bad view
Kaitlyn McWha
This weekend, my friends and I got together and watched the Super Bowl in one of my friend's dorm rooms. We had tons of snacks, and we also ended up ordering a pizza! Fordham always has a lot going on, but sometimes it's fun to stay inside on a cold night with some good friends. I had a great time watching the Super Bowl with my friends on Sunday, and I already cannot wait for next year's game!
Our little watch party


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