Thursday, March 5, 2015

ILCGB - Living in and Connecting with the Global Network

If you're enrolled in business school, applying to business school, or have any interest in the business world whatsoever; two things have been engraved into your mind -- networking and the global perspective. While the Gabelli School pushes students to study business with a global perspective, Fordham students have unlimited reign when it comes to expanding their studies, whether it be through a club or class like FairTrade or studying abroad for a semester. One option for sophomores wishing to take their professional network to the next level is the Integrated Learning Community for Global Business, or ILC-GB.

Signing in at the European Conference
Located in O'Hare Hall Residential College, ILC-GB combines living with learning as do nearly a dozen other Integrated Learning Communities on the Rose Hill campus. As the name states, ILC-GB focuses on global business, and is open to all sophomore residents on the Rose Hill (even FCRH students may apply!). Like most ILC's, everyone on our wing of O'Hare has one class we all take together in a classroom inside our residence hall. While it technically is a class, ILC-GB is very personalized and focuses on preparing students for networking and attaining great careers and internships as a result. A typical "class" isn't even really a class, and typically consists of guest speakers. These guests are typically Fordham Alumni and have ranged from managing directors of hedge funds to the CEO of Lacoste.

ILC-GB also offers students opportunities to get outside the classroom and expand their network by taking students on trips to special events, like the European Conference at Harvard University. Fordham took care of transportation, registration, and even our lodging expenses at the Revere Hotel. The conference was an incredible experience and a great way to broaden your perspective on how business and politics interact across the Atlantic, and also enabled us to be able to network and converse with MEP's (members of European Parliament) and other professionals involved with the policy of the EU.
A group of ILC-GB residents leaving Harvard

While ILC-GB is a superb experience for sophomores that I would recommend to everyone in Gabelli, Fordham offers three excellent ILC's for freshmen that you can apply for when you apply for housing in the early summer, and more info on those can be found on Fordham's website

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