Friday, March 6, 2015

Fordham PhilRAMthropy

Fordham philanthropy – Fordham students for students!

In the true vision of men and women for others, Fordham students are committed to one another both on and off campus. Philanthropy is very much a large part of campus life, whether it is fundraising for scholarships or raising money for Global Outreach Trips. As a member of two philanthropic organizations, Fashion for Philanthropy and the Student Philanthropy Committee, as well as a former Fordham Annual Fund student-fundraiser, I can attest to this spirit of “giving back” on campus.

A picture of my friend on his Global Outreach trip in Mexico
which was funded by fellow classmates!

Flier of the different groups present at the
Student Philanthropy Fair
As an executive board representative of Fashion for Philanthropy, FFP, I had the chance to meet with other philanthropic groups on campus at the previous Philanthropy Fair. At the Fair, students held bake sales to raise money for their respective causes. Many students filtered in and out of the McGinley Center and stopped by the Fair to support their friends and the groups of which they were a part. I tabled for FFP in order to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. FFP is indicative of the philanthropic spirit on campus. Members raise money all year in support of our annual Fashion Show, whose proceeds directly profit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For example, throughout the year we will hold bake sales and food deliveries which are funded by fellow classmates. An example of another philanthropic organization on campus that was present at the Fair was the B+ Foundation, an organization where "kids help kids fight cancer." It is chapters like these that bring students together in the spirit of helping others and the community at large.

The Fair was a success on two levels – on a surface value, it helped raise money and awareness about different charitable causes; on a deeper level, the Fair exemplifies Fordham student’s commitment to one another.

FFP Table at the Fair!

Another example of on-campus philanthropy is the Student Philanthropy Committee, SPC, which seeks to work with other groups and departments on campus to help fundraise with the Development Office. For example, the SPC will be working with the Athletics Department and Career Services to jumpstart philanthropic efforts to make improvements within each office. As such, members of the SPC are Fordham students working for current and future Fordham students.

It is clear that there is a philanthropic spirit on campus, which I believe is unique to the Fordham experience. It is rare to find in competitive college settings students who are so willing to help their peers. I feel as though this spirit transcends campus and truly fosters strong community ties that exist even after graduation. Once a Ram, Always a Ram!

Poster distributed at the Fair promoting
the Bronx Community and its goings-on.

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