Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jam Packed Weekend in Collin's Auditorium

It's been a very busy weekend at Fordham university's Collins Theatre. last night, students from a plethora of preforming arts groups came together for a great cause. Fordham held a cabaret for The make a wish foundation. The cabaret features performers from Fordham experiential theatre, mimes and mummers, theatrical outreach program, Fordham b sides, satin dolls, hot notes, and ramblers. The cabaret was an amazing way to spend my Friday night. It was so entertaining and at the same time, Fordham was able to raise 1000 dollars for make a wish.

In addition to the cabaret, Collins will feature not 1 but 2 different shows this weekend. Theatrical outreach program will be presenting the Laramie project today and tomorrow at 7 o'clock. In addition, there will be a feminist playwrights festival as well. I have had the amazing pleasure of being a part of the festival. In addition to producing high quality shows, feminist playwrights also address some very important issues such as gender and sexuality as well. I guess you could say there is no such thing as a dull weekend here at Fordham. 

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