Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Birthday at Fordham

Here at Fordham, there are tons of things to do in Manhattan, but there are also many fun activities to enjoy in the Bronx at Fordham's Rose Hill campus. To celebrate my birthday this year, my friends and I took advantage of the awesome restaurants and bakeries that are located right next to Fordham's campus on Arthur Avenue in Little Italy. Birthdays are always a fun occasion for me, but what made my birthday so special this year was the awesome celebration I had with my friends at Fordham this past weekend. 
My friends and I went to Zero Otto Nove
on Arthur Ave to celebrate my birthday! 
My birthday was last week, so my friends decided to take me out to celebrate the weekend before that. We went to an authentic Italian restaurant on Arthur Avenue called Zero Otto Nove. On Arthur Avenue, the Italian food is always delicious because it is authentic and made from fresh produce! My friends and I ordered brick oven pizza, chicken parmesan, ziti, and many other Italian dishes. The servers at the restaurant and my friends even sang "Happy Birthday" to me towards the end of the meal! Dining on Arthur Avenue is so much fun, and is a great way to get together with friends for a special occasion. 
A picture of my birthday cake from Palombo's Bakery
After dinner, my friends got me a beautiful birthday cake from Palombo Pastry Shop, an Italian bakery also located on Arthur Avenue. The cake was very decorative, and it definitely tasted as good as it looked! I had so much fun celebrating my birthday on Arthur Avenue with my best friends from Fordham. Fordham's great location offers so many opportunities to get together with friends, to celebrate special occasions, and to have many great and memorable experiences! 

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  1. Yeah I completely agree that there are so many party places in the Bronx and several fun activities to enjoy your birthday at this place. It’s great that you celebrated your birthday in Bronx. I hope you had a great time!