Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TL;DR - Spring is Pretty Cool...

Snow days are great – and we had quite a few of them this year – but I think we can all agree that Fordham’s so ready for spring to get here. For the past few days, we’ve had consistently warmer weather, which basically means spring’s right around the corner. And very few things in this world are as absolutely beautiful as Fordham in the springtime.
Saturday concert - Spring Weekend 2014

When I was visiting colleges, I made sure to visit all of my top choices during all of the season changes, just to see how different the atmosphere was between the fall, winter, and spring, and let me tell ya…. Nothing beats spring at Fordham. The campus is truly reawakened and reinvigorated. I went around and asked some of my friends about some of their favorite things about Fordham in the springtime; here’s a list of what everyone can agree on! 

1. Sitting on Eddie’s.
2. Eating lunch on Eddie’s.
3. Meeting friends after class on Eddie’s.
4. Playing Frisbee/football/WHATEVER on Eddie’s.
5. Tanning on Eddie’s.
6. Eddie’s. (Or Edward’s Parade – the large grassy area outside Keating. You can’t miss it.)
7. Attending Spring Weekend, the final weekend of the spring semester before the start of finals. There’s a DJ on Friday night, a concert on Martyr’s Lawn on Saturday afternoon, the Under the Tent dance on Saturday evening, and a comedian act on Sunday. Definitely a memorable weekend each year.
Can't wait to see these palm trees again...
8. Being able to wear skirts and shorts to class after months of wearing 3 layers of heavy sweaters and still somehow managing being cold.
9. Opening the windows of your dorm/apartment after huddling in 3 layers of blankets and still somehow managing being cold.
10. That one tree in front of Queen’s Court that blooms pink flowers.
12. Fordham landscaping in general (it’s on point, you guys…).
14. Walking down Arthur Avenue and eating lunch or getting a cup of coffee and sitting OUTSIDE for a change.
15. Going to the city because it’s finally not sleeting anymore…

16. And finally: realizing that graduation for the seniors is only a few months away, which means we’ll be saying goodbye (for now but not forever) to some of our best friends while simultaneously saying hello to a new class of freshmen – the newest additions to our Ramily. 
Either the graduation tent going up or
the spring weekend tent coming down...
What do you love about springtime at Fordham? 

And... the not-so-fun part about spring:
early morning finals study sessions...

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