Tuesday, September 6, 2016

7 Places to Take Your Family When They Visit

New York is a pretty incredible place to say the least. So, not only will your parents want to visit because they miss you, but also because they want to spend time in the city. My family isn’t from the New York area, so whenever my parents come to visit, they want a full New York experience. Here are some of my favorite places to show my family!

The annual Holiday Train Show at the Botanical Gardens
is a leisurely and festive place to visit with family or friends.
New York Botanical Garden
Located just across the street from Fordham’s Rose Hill campus, it’s a beautiful and easy place to take visitors. You’ll get in free with your Fordham ID, and you can take a stroll through the grounds or check out the seasonal installments.

Little Italy of the Bronx
Show your family that you don’t eat at the cafeteria for every meal! Grab some cookies for dessert too. Bonus: your parents will pay for you.

High Line
If the weather is good, this is a great place to take visitors. Here, you can walk, talk, and sight-see. This abandoned and refurbished train track provides great photographic opportunities in addition to a pleasant, natural atmosphere.

You're bound to get a little lost in Central Park, but you might stumble
upon a pretty pathway like this one.

Central Park
My parents fell in love with the Shakespeare’s Garden part of Central Park when they first visited NYC and insist on re-visiting each trip.

Chelsea Market

After walking around the High Line, I took my parents here for dinner. It's an indoor marketplace complete with food vendors, store, and boutiques! I brought my parents here because they love trying new food, and there are many diverse restaurants to choose from inside. My personal favorites are the clam chowder from the Seafood Market and the gelato from L’Arte del Gelato. There’s also shopping and an Artists and Fleas market inside.

The Flatiron Building, which is a great spot for photos during the day or night!

Herald Square/Flatiron Building
Check out some of the shops at Herald Square, then walk toward the Flatiron Building where you can relax in the park, or eat at Eataly.

Metropolitan Museum of Art (or any major museum)
New York is known for world-renowned museums. I took my parents to the MET because I wanted to show them some of the pieces I learned about in my art history class.

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